Service Design Berlin

‘Service Design Berlin’ connects user experience, customer service ex­perts and service designers as well as everyone interested in the discipline.

Its goal is to bring people with a service-oriented mindset together and create platforms for sharing experiences, exploring new tools and expanding knowledge.


Service Experience Camp in Nov 2015

The Service Experience Camp is this year’s largest service design conference in Europe. As a hybrid of conference and bar camp it provides curated top-notch keynotes and inter­active workshops as well as open slots for spontaneous formats. It takes place from November 13-14 in former bicycle factory in Berlin. The focus of the Service Experience Camp are service experiences of all kinds: physical and digital, from different indus­tries and sectors, small and large-scale.
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Bringing Service Design in-house at KISD

At this year’s 20th birthday of service design our Manuel Großmann and Martin Jordan spoke at the KISD conference on May 18. In their talk they discussed companies’ growing need to learn how to apply Service design themselves – instead of relying only on external experts. The session followed a pragmatic approach that provides best practises on bringing knowledge and experience in-house.
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Service Design and the Internet of Things

The internet of things is surrounding us. We are wearing fitness bands around our wrists, have scales in our bathroom connected to our smartphones and a smoke detector to send us a notification in case of fire. How can we integrate this new generation of connected products into existing or new services?
This special edition of Service Design Drinks took place at Fab Lab Berlin to discuss the application and integration of connected things into future services.
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further information

‘Service Design Berlin’ is a non-profit team activity of Berlin-based service design practitioners, who all share a common believe that collaborate tools and design processes can be used to cause change for the better. The team consists of Katrin Dribbisch, Manuel Großmann, Martin Jordan, Mauro Rego and Olga Scupin. Please feel free to contact Service Design Berlin via e-mail.

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